Certification for Wetlands/Buried Solid Waste




I hereby certify that I am fully aware of, and acknowledge that construction on or use of any property may be significantly restricted or totally prohibited by Federal Law. Lands that are identified as “wetlands” by the United States Army Corps of Engineers cannot be used unless and until a permit is issued by the Corps. Before commencing subdivision, construction or any other improvement of any land, the owner or his/her agent should contact either the Corps of Engineers or a qualified professional to determine whether or not said land could be considered either in whole or in part a “wetland.” The Corps has the authority to require the removal of any improvement placed within a “wetland” by the owner of such land regardless of the cost of the removal or other effect upon the landowner.

No agent or employee of the municipality in which this work will be performed has made any effort to determine whether or not all or a portion of said land constitutes a “wetland.” The granting of a building permit, occupancy permit, onsite sewage disposal permit, or subdivision approval by the municipality DOES NOT in any way imply that the land does NOT constitute a “wetland,” or that a permit has been issued by the Corps to place an improvement upon the land, or that it is not necessary to determine if any portion of the land constitutes a “wetland.” Any person who proceeds with subdivision, construction, or the placing of any improvement upon land without prior Corps review and/or approval does so AT HIS OWN RISK WITHOUT ANY RESPONSIBILITY ON THE PART OF THIS MUNICIPALITY, ITS AGENTS OR EMPLOYEES!



I hereby certify that I have not buried any solid waste on the property of this application. I acknowledge that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Solid Waste Management Act specifically prohibits the disposal of solid waste except at legally permitted landfills.

I understand that violation of this act may result in prosecution by appropriate agencies of the Commonwealth.


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